Facebook, I will insist, is a literary genre. As such it is a cognitive mode, a consciousness-for-hire in which the mind can swim. And it is on these terms that I call it out. It is not its artificial moments, of the kind I live out every day, but its artificial mode, that would steal from me my mind’s meditative, contemplative force, my Puritan spirit—my life lived as a better novel.
 Ida Hattemer-Higgins (via)

Return to the Island of Lost Tumblrs

The inadvertently deleted vcvaile account is now reconstituted ~ blank, not restored: a clean slate. Gone: Welsh Notes, Equity in Diversity, Campus Equity Week, COCAL Updates, Everybody Eats, cityspaces, et tu mooc?, Digital Word Dump, Local Stuff, Tower, and more. A poetry one I think.

Precarity Dispatches and Adjunct Stories, on a different account but administered from the vcvaile dashboard, were unaffected. 

So where do I head with this clean slate? As with the WordPress sites used for re-blogging other WP blog posts, the Tumblrs are convenient to catching and re-blogging other Tumblr posts, shuffling them over to social media. That suggests a maximum of one Tumblr for each Facebook page/Twitter stream, perhaps with consideration for topic area, cities in particular. 

I tried Tumblrs as designated blogs for individual online courses with a blogging requirement but found them substantially less satisfactory than using labels with existing blogs on Blogger. That is not to say I have not use for the platform, just that it makes more sense to use it for what it does best.